School Fundraising

Pictured above is the Ninja team serving the LSU Alumni Association. They are part of the fundraising team that keeps the many university activities going. Why sell chocolate that takes weeks to get there, when we can let you sell OUR snowballs ON SITE and make your fund-raiser an (Arctic) BLAST! We have served at school graduation parties, senior walk out days, Literacy/STEM nights, field days, and so much more. The Ninjas have done fundraising and charitable events for the boy scouts, a retirement community, and are scheduled for an event at Laser Tag to benefit Children’s Hospital at Our Lady of the Lake. We can sell you wholesale snowballs for your fundraiser, tithe or donate a percentage back, or even do certain events for either baseline cost or NO CHARGE AT ALL!

We do all the work so all you do is click the CONTACT US button below to explain your event and ideas and we will work to personalize your fundraising Ninja experience today!