Pictured above is the Ninja Truck teaming up with an ELECTRIC van used to supply our beloved, Bessie, with FREE ELECTRICITY right out of the side of the van! This was at an expo very recently on the lawn of the State of Louisiana Capitol Welcome Center! The event was sponsored by the Louisiana Clean Fuel Conference and had many national representatives present, the Nissan LEAF and Chevy VOLT, and our very own Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne as a speaker/guest. The Ninjas have done campaign neighborhood parties, recently for school board candidate and recently re-elected Evelyn Ware-Jackson; and, we would love to be at YOUR campaign events! We can come to town hall meetings and put your message on our digital flat screen TV! Don’t forget to call the Ninjas when you need to make your constituents happy! Nothing brings more joy than a snowball, except one slung by the Ninjas, kapow!

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