This form allows us to not only book your event, but to try to avoid conflicts. If the event is able to be booked as-is, it will be followed up with an invoice to the email address you provide. The invoice seals your date and time for your contracted event.  PLEASE NOTE:  Ninja snowballs is an HOURLY catering service.  You will be billed for the number of hours you choose (one hour minimum).  After first hour, half hours may be added.  Travel past 25 miles from 70816 should add $35 destination charge ($70 past 50 miles).


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    *note: We sling usually 100-150 snowballs per hour
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    You can choose to have snowballs delivered by Bessie (our famous snowball truck) or by our new PORTABLE service that “rolls” (carts on wheels) everything out of the truck directly into your home/office/room or to your pool area or virtually any location of your choice!

    Choose one:
    BESSIE (food truck) PORTABLE (catering carts)


    Our 40+ Flavors* are available from BOTH Bessie (our food truck) and our PORTABLE carts. There are actually 100s of possible flavors on each if you consider all the possible mixes, crèmes, and extras (sour spray, extra juice, etc.) that many choose including rainbows.

    Click here for Flavors List


    SNOWBALLING (we can make about 100-125 snowballs/hr 8 oz., 75/hr 12 oz., and 50/hr 16 oz.) )

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    FAMOUS NINJA PULLED PORK NACHOS (catered either after or at same time)

    (up to 50 per hour of our $8 nachos)

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    *Note: for truck- please block space with car or cones.
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    Only truck can generate its own electricity if unavailable

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    Payment terms are usually “net at event” and we do not require a deposit or prepayment except for food orders
    If you are donating event and will not be there to pay, we can bill the event as pre-paid.

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    24 hours of the booked event time will require payment in full.

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