This LSU sophomore began her journey as a Ninja many years ago on the Black truck!


Once we went Red… the Ninjas were back in Black!

Ninja Snowballs

Today’s volunteer Ninjas must go through schooling in the ways of the Ninjas…

  • STEP ONE: VIRTUAL SCHOOL: All three videos must be watched on HOME PAGE (go now)
  • STEP TWO: Fill out the following FORM for applying to volunteer
  • STEP THREE: You must pass the NINJA test! We will review your form and call you to come and take the test and see if you have the RIGHT STUFF to be a Ninja


  1. You must be at least 18 years old due to the industrial sites and other venues we serve
  2. You must have reliable transportation
  3. You must have good moral character to be a Ninja
  4. You must have access to text messages for Ninja assignments from command center
  5. You must love to have FUN
  6. You must be able to hurl a Ninja snowball at least 20 feet away!
  7. You must be fit to perform the duties of a Ninja
  8. You must have a clean criminal background check and not be on state sex offender lists
  9. (because of the many schools and other venues we serve)

OK- Are you ready?


    By clicking this box, I certify that I have watched and studies the Ninja videos on the home page and understand the duties of a Ninja and the services being delivered, and I have read all eight (8) qualifications and qualified to become a Ninja!

    STEP TWO: The NINJA application form

    Name :

    Address :

    City :

    Cell Phone:


    Confirm and check email:

    Please list your days of the week and times each day of availability:

    Please list your highest degree:

    Please tell us you are over 18 (must present ID at test date (interview)

    Please tell us in 77 words or less why you would be an awesome Ninja

    Please attach a current photo. We will use this to recognize you for your interview.

    Please tell us any issues or other circumstances that we need to know about you or your availability to perform Ninja activity


    We will contact you to come and take the final Ninja Test (Interview) shortly!

    Thanks for your interest in volunteering to join the Ninja team